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The Quest is almost over!  This is the last full season episode as I review Series 7.  It was a very long season and you could almost say it was two seasons rolled into one with a Christmas episode to bridge the gap.

The Quest was to watch and review every Doctor Who episode before the 50th anniversary.  Since that's tomorrow, I've just made it under the wire.  Thank you all so very much for your support and your enthusiasm and a special thanks to each and every guest who appeared on this show along the way.  I am very grateful.

Next week, the Quest comes to a close as I review the 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor.

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The Quest is winding down and this week, it's Matt Smith's second year as The Doctor.  Join me and my special guest this week, James Rockliffe of The Doctor Who Podcast as we take on Series 6!

The Quest ends later this week.....Stay tuned!

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A new Doctor, new companions, new production team, new writers, and a new guest!  Eric Escamilla of the Mostly Harmless Cutaway & Prognosis Negative podcasts joins me this week as we discuss the very first season of Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor......or is it the Twelfth?  Damn you, Night of the Doctor!  (but not really).

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This week, that VERY long year for us Doctor Who fans in 2009 when we only got a grand total of four stories.  Joining me this week is Michele Simmons of THE Doctor Who Podcast!  Coming down the home stretch now....

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It's Series 4 and the season of my favorite new series companion, Donna Noble.  Joining me this week is podcast superstar, Chip Suddereth, the Two Minute Time Lord!  Listen along as we discuss Tennant, Tate, and even a certain Mr. Capaldi.

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Well, we had to get this one out of the way sometime..... Here's Series 3 - The Martha Season aka The Doctor Mopes Over Rose Season aka The Return of the Most Insane Master Ever Season.  There are a couple of gems in here, so it's not all bad.  Thanks, Paul Cornell - you win the day!

Plus, AUDIO feedback!

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Series 2 is this week's subject as my special guest is THE visual podcaster himself, Luke Harrison of TMDWP (The Minute Doctor Who Podcast)!  Join us as we discuss Daleks, Cybermen, K-9, Sarah Jane, and just what the hell a Chav is....

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...and the new series begins!  Series 1 (or as I like to think of it, Season 27) begins with Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor.  It's the return of Doctor Who in a big way with the return of the Autons and the Daleks.  Next week, another special guest!

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This is a very special episode covering YOUR much appreciated feedback!  I also review the 8th Doctor TV movie at the 13:37 mark.  And please excuse the varying voices, courtesy of my 41st annual sinus infection.  Hooray.

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All good things.....Join me and my special guest, Professor Dave himself, David Keep as we discuss the final season of the classic series - Season 26.  One of the best seasons of the entire series includes vampires, sorcery, two Brigadiers, cheetahs, walking insects, and appalling motorcycle crashes.  And to celebrate the end of the classic series, this week's episode ends with a different theme. 

Coming soon - the 1996 TV movie and YOUR feedback!

On to the new series!

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It's the silver anniversary of the show and to celebrate I'm joined by none other than Erik Stadnik from the The Doctor Who Book Club Podcast and Doctor Who: The Writer's Room.  Join us as we talk about Season 25, Daleks, Cybermen, Omega, and handpuppet dogs.

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Sylvester McCoy joins the program as I discuss his first year - Season 24.  This is a season that starts out incredibly bad and gets better as it goes along.  Guests return next episode for 25.  Thanks for listening!

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Another season arc!  This is The Trial of a Time Lord, a season-long swan song of the Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker.  Tons of short sound clips in this one.  Hope you enjoy!

....what's a knacker's yard, anyway?

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It's all things Colin Baker and none other than Ian "The 6th Doctor" Bisset to discuss Season 22 with me, of course!  We discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of Colin Baker's first season and see possibly why it got taken off the airwaves for a year and a half.  Enjoy!

And don't miss this week's installment of Colin's Close-Up Cliffhanger Count!

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Here's Peter Davison's last season as the Doctor and an introductory to the new Doctor, Colin Baker.  Helping me out this week is my special guest, Paul Towsley of the Towsley Tardis podcast and host of the Paul Towsley Show!  Join us as we discuss this different season oF Doctor Who which just happened to contain one of the best stories of all time, The Caves of Androzani.  There's also a brand new limited special segment called Colin's Cliffhanger Close-Up Count.

Stay tuned later this week for a special feedback episode featuring a review of Caves of Androzani from my son and his college roommates.  Thanks for listening!

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It's the 20th anniversary year full of returning villains like Omega, The Black Guardian, The Master, and The Mara.  Hang out with me and the busiest podcaster in the universe, Kyle Anderson of The Nerdist, Doctor Who: The Writers' Room, and the WTF Are You Watching? podcasts!  We reminisce about crappy snakes, dead birds, and that old classic - yelling on cassette.

And listen out at the end for a message from Rassilon...

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Hilarity abounds as I discuss Season 19 with this week's special guest, Mr. Paul Heath from The Pharos Project podcast!  Join us as we talk about Nyssa's shoulders, Tegan's legs, the moodiness of the Doctor, and the malnourishment of Adric.

Listen to the very end for a shocking conclusion....


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What an honor and a thrill to have Andrew Smith with me on this episode!  This is Episode 18 covering all things Season 18, my favorite all-time season.  Andrew joins me for the Full Circle segment to talk all about his contribution to the show among other things.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I did recording it!


Direct download: Episode_18_with_Andrew_Smith.mp3
Category:Podcast -- posted at: 6:37pm EST was the best of stories, it was the worst of stories... What an inconsistent season, but talking about it was a lot of fun with this week's special guest, Christopher Burgess from Radio Free Skaro!  We talk about everything from Daleks to Rick James videos to schoolboy crushes on Lalla Ward.

And big apologies to all of you fantastic people sending feedback.  There will be a segment in Episode 18 next week to catch up on all of your comments and opinions.  Thanks!


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The Key to Time season is finally here!  And what better way to celebrate than with my special guests, Steven Schapansky & Josh Zimon from Doctor Who: The Memory Cheats!  Here us praise the wonder and awe of Season 16.....and Merak, the greatest character in Doctor Who....or something like that....

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Here comes Season 15 with this episode's special guest, Elizabeth Keep from the DWO Whocast!  Listen as we talk about revolutions, annoying secretaries, and assisted suicides in this final season of Leela as a companion.

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Please join me as I welcome this week's special guest, Dave AC Cooper from the Cultdom Collective podcast (among many others) as we discuss all things Season 14 - a season that I've discovered may well be one of my favorites ever.  Goodbye Sarah Jane and Hello Leela.....then there's that bit in the middle......

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This time it's Season 13 with Zygons, Osirians, and plant-obsessed madmen.  Well, just one of those.  Actually, just one Osirian, too, but who's counting?

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A new Doctor, a new companion, a new set of titles, and TWO guests this time!  Yes, I'm talking about Season 12 and my guests this week - David & Marty Hooie from the Hoo on Who podcast.  Join us as we discuss Tom Baker's first season as the Fourth Doctor, Cyber-T-shirts, and scary sound bars.

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And here we are at Season 11 where the Third Doctor rides off into the sunset, but not before introducing my favorite companion of all time, Sarah Jane Smith in the form of the fantastic Elisabeth Sladen.  Joining me in this discussion is comedian and fellow Doctor Who lover (not to mention actor, writer, commentary moderator, and Doctor Who documentary extraordinaire) Toby Hadoke!  Come join us as we talk about the great Jon Pertwee's last season. 

Check out Toby's podcast Who's Round:

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In this anniversary year of Doctor Who's 50th, take a listen to its 10th!  That's right.  This is Episode 10 covering the tenth anniversary season of Doctor Who in 1973 featuring some old Doctors, an epic 12-part story, the departure of Jo, and the final hours of Roger Delgado as the Master.


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So here's Season 9.  Some good, some bad, but mostly just there.  Come join me as I review all 5 stories from the 1972 season with more sound clips than ever before.  And it all kicks off with a special advert from our heroes Stubbs & Cotton.  Hope you enjoy.


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It's Episode 8 featuring that renegade time lord that wreaks havoc wherever he goes....the Master?  No!  It's Ken Deep!  My special guest Doctor Who: Podshock's own Ken Deep joins me to talk about all things Season 8 from 1971.  This one also features the possible intro of that awesome spin-off special we've all been waiting for.  Bill Filer!  Master of Intrigue.  A Quinn-Martin Production.


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A new season, a new Doctor, a new companion, and COLOR!....wait....COLOUR!  This episode covers my second favorite season of Doctor Who of all time - Pertwee's first season in 1970.  This one is a little longer, but I have THREE special guest stars this week - my wife and my two boys.

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This is Episode 6 and the end of the Second Doctor's era and the end of the black & white era.  And it ends with one of the greatest epics in Doctor Who history.  Hope you enjoy this look back at Season 6 full of more sound clips than ever before.  Feedback at and on Facebook.


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It's time for Season 5 and the Season of Monsters!  If the Great Intelligence is something new to you, check this season out to see where it all began.  Even the Ice Warriors were born this year.  The Cybermen are here as well.....hey, this is starting to sound a lot like the 2013 season.....hmm....

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It's the end of an era.....and the beginning of a new one!  It's Episode 4 and enter the Second Doctor, Patrick Troughton.  With only ten surviving episodes, this season was mostly reconstructions....but I survived.  So listen up for the birth of the Cybermen, the return of the Daleks, and very first regeneration.

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Season 3 is up and the reign of William Hartnell is almost at an end.  This is the longest season of Doctor Who in its history.  Get ready for Daleks, a Monk, and screaming from my entire family.  Hope you enjoy!

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.....So have you ever noticed how the Menoptera called out the Zarbi like they were a bunch of hogs?  Me too.  This is Episode 2 covering all of Season 2 and including a lot more sound clips, a lot less recaps, and a very special intro.  (Thanks Peter!)  Hope you enjoy it!



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Episode 1

For the very first official episode, the entire run of Season 1 is covered with occasional sound clips.


Contact us at or like us on Facebook.


Thanks for downloading!

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Introductory preview episode

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