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Special announcement about Episodes 40 and 41

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Here's the review for the most recent Christmas special. 

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....and here's the rest of it.  The second half of Series 8 is reviewed featuring Cybermen, resurrected Brigadiers, a forest for the trees, and lots and lots of flying people.

Coming soon - Last Christmas!

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......and we're back!  Thank you so much for sticking with me through this long hiatus.  This show is back and this is the first half of my reivew of Series 8 covering the first 6 episodes.  A new Doctor, some new writers and directors, and even a new theme song for this podcast.  Hope you enjoy!  Please leave some feedback!

On Twitter: @dwquest

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And so, the Quest is over......for now.  Join me as I review the last three specials of the year along with a special appearance by my wife, Tammy and my youngest son, Caleb, who chime in on the Christmas special.  There's a few sound clips and stay tuned at the very end for a few more clips.

Thank you to each and every guest that appeared on the show and to each and every person who's sent in feedback or even just downloaded and listened to the podcast.  It was a great experiment and with your encouragement, it was a success.

The Quest will return shortly for a very special top ten cliffhanger countdown in video form, then another special soon after Series 8 airs.

AND join me and former guest Paul Towsley of the Towsley TARDIS podcast as we embark on a new journey - to watch and review each series of Red Dwarf throughout 2014 on our new show, Tongue Tied: A Red Dwarf Podcast.

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The Quest is almost over!  This is the last full season episode as I review Series 7.  It was a very long season and you could almost say it was two seasons rolled into one with a Christmas episode to bridge the gap.

The Quest was to watch and review every Doctor Who episode before the 50th anniversary.  Since that's tomorrow, I've just made it under the wire.  Thank you all so very much for your support and your enthusiasm and a special thanks to each and every guest who appeared on this show along the way.  I am very grateful.

Next week, the Quest comes to a close as I review the 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor.

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The Quest is winding down and this week, it's Matt Smith's second year as The Doctor.  Join me and my special guest this week, James Rockliffe of The Doctor Who Podcast as we take on Series 6!

The Quest ends later this week.....Stay tuned!

If you have any audio feedback you'd like to send in for the final episode (which will cover the 50th anniversary), please send it to:

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A new Doctor, new companions, new production team, new writers, and a new guest!  Eric Escamilla of the Mostly Harmless Cutaway & Prognosis Negative podcasts joins me this week as we discuss the very first season of Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor......or is it the Twelfth?  Damn you, Night of the Doctor!  (but not really).

Also, if you'd like to send in feedback (audio or otherwise) for the final show, please send it to:

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This week, that VERY long year for us Doctor Who fans in 2009 when we only got a grand total of four stories.  Joining me this week is Michele Simmons of THE Doctor Who Podcast!  Coming down the home stretch now....

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It's Series 4 and the season of my favorite new series companion, Donna Noble.  Joining me this week is podcast superstar, Chip Suddereth, the Two Minute Time Lord!  Listen along as we discuss Tennant, Tate, and even a certain Mr. Capaldi.

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